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From small domestic rock pools to 1000 sqm hotel and resort swimming pools. Rocky Waters can design and create a spectacular pool specifically designed to meet your requirements. Our magnificent artificial rock work pools have proven to be our biggest impact product, for all the major hotel groups in Africa.

To date we have built over 250 swimming pools for anything ranging from small 5 roomed B&B to a 500 room hotel with day visitor facilities.

Additional features which can be added to our pools include heated rim flow kiddies pools and even swim through caves and waterfalls. Slides are always a winning combination for a fun filled experience.

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Water Parks

Water slides, lazy rivers and wave pools.

Rock-Venture Mini Golf
Themed and standard rock-venture mini golf courses.

Rock Pools

Variety of creative rock pools.

Splash Pads

Specialised creations for your home or business.